The Rocketeer Stunt Rocket Pack

This is one of the first unit, fiberglass stunt Rocket Packs. Fabricated from fiberglass and resin. 24" tall x 18" wide. 1:1 ratio. This incredible, handmade piece is from the celebrated collection of Academy Award winning New Deal Studios. New Deal Studios is a 21st Century Media Studio, unlike any in the world. A full-service film production and visual effects studio, with over 20 years of iconic imagery, New Deal Studios develops, designs, prototypes, and creates all types of high caliber media projects. Founded in 1995 by Matthew Gratzner, Ian Hunter and Shannon Blake Gans, this artist owned and operated independent studio, born in the heyday of visual effects, has truly evolved into the technology driven studio for the future, consistently delivering the perfect marriage of artistry and technology. Award winning credits by New Deal Studios include high-profile projects such as Dark Knight Rises, Hugo, The Avengers, Oz the Great and Powerful, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Watchmen, I am Legend, Night at the Museum, Whiteout, 2012, Alice in Wonderland, Inception, Battleship and Interstellar. Additional shipping charges to be calculated based on postal code.