String Light Company SL5015B165 Vintage Series 165-Ft Commercial String Lights with 82 Light Sockets

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Add light and ambiance to your indoor or outdoor space with these commercial-quality vintage string lights. These weatherproof commercial-quality string lights have a 165 foot cord with 82 lights, bulbs not included. A standard A-19 bulb is recommended. These vintage lights have a classic look that will add character to any space or event, from backyard parties to sport courts to weddings. The integrated hanging loops allow you to easily thread a cable through the light strand. The suspended sockets drop off the cord approximately four inches whereas the regular style has the sockets right along the cord. Suspended sockets work well if you are hanging against a building where the socket needs to drop off an eave. There is no plug at either end – designed to be hard-wired into an outlet or cut for the size required. String Light Company is part of TIAB INC. (Table in a Bag). Our mission is to provide high quality products to consumers around the world. We strive every day to achieve this goal with our work ethic, quality selection of materials, competitive prices, and friendly service. We owe much of our success to three important members of the TIAB Inc. Team: our associates, our partners, and our customers.