Sertodo Alicante Paella Pan, 15 inch diameter, Hammered Copper with Stainless Steel handles

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The Alicante Paella Pans combine the unsurpassable quality of traditional craft with the beauty of modern design in the warm glow of our heavy gauge hammered copper and the hot-tinned interior for professional cooking performance or dazzling displays. The 15 inch pan is the perfect match when cooking for a bigger group to add flavor and flair to your paella gathering (6-8 people), omelettes, crepes, vegetables, bacon, anything. Great price and unique style for beautiful cooking!… Sertodo Copper is an international cooperative of master copper artesans based in Austin, Texas with workshops in the US and Mexico and a tradition of copperwork extending back over 1,000 years. We create superb equipment from 100% recycled, pure copper. Our unique style and superior quality will give you generations of beautiful service. There is a timeless quality to our materials and the processes which create them. The solid heft of reclaimed material; the heat of the forge reflected in the subtle fire shine; a concentrated focus hammering sensitive material into a simple form with each hammered facet capturing and reflecting the world around to give the entire piece the aspect of an impressionistic painting. Simply picking up one of our copper pieces invites you into a story of creation and transformation; a story extending back to our origins, worn openly and honestly on every piece.