Segma FL1-3027 Hand Painted Stretched Canvas Wall Art

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Segma FL1-3027 Hand Painted Stretched Canvas Wall Art—Our Segma canvas artwork was created primarily for its aesthetic beauty and elegance. We start with high-quality canvas because it gives an amazing texture, look and feel that cannot be duplicated with an inferior paper print. Each piece is hand painted with an oil-based paint to create a truly unique piece that is stylish and will fit within your individual home décor. A UV treatment is added to reduce fading and ensure your paintings will keep their vibrant colors, detail and luster for years of enjoyment. The canvas is tightly stretched over a wooden frame and secured with heavy-duty staples on the backside for an uncompromised finish. Canvas wall art measures 36-by-48 inch and ships ready to hang. Other Segma Canvas Art Paintings also available thru Amazon.