overstockArt MON1478-FR-994420X24 Monet Sunflowers with Simply White Clean Line Wood Frame

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20-Inch by 24-inchOil Painting On Canvas Monet's Sunflowers, also known as Tournesols, is a beautiful, impressionistic piece created in 1881. He also painted several bouquets of flowers similar to this one which includes dahlias, chrysanthemums and asters. Monet is often praised for painting realistic images of floral arrangements, and his talent can certainly be seen here. These particular sunflowers that were harvested for this painting lined Monet's garden staircase in V̩theuil, France. Born in 1840 in France, Monet was a key artist in the Impressionistic movement. Many of his subjects included the nature that was around him at the time Рfrom the Normandy coasts to his garden in Giverny. The famous painting that has been featured in posters, coffee table books and in recreations is housed in the Metropolitan Museum in New York City. Now you can own a beautiful recreation of Sunflowers by Monet to display in your own home. It's been masterfully recreated by hand. Select one of our museum-quality frames to complement it. Frame Description: Simply White РClean Line Wood Frame

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