Navy blue Bubble Tree from Bubble TreeCollection By Pharaoh Zhou (blue, 204*76 cm 80.4*30 inch)

The blue bubble tree is vivid when viewed from a distance but not chaotic when observed closely. it is an one of a kind master piece from Pharaoh Zhou's bubble tree collection, and each piece is painted with extreme details by Pharaoh Zhou himself. Yiyan Zhou, also known as Pharaoh Zhou, is a Chinese painter, printmaker, professor and poet. He started his art career as an art promoter when he was only six years old. Later, he became the leader of the art renaissance in China and made many famous pieces. "lover in my dream"," Buddha in my heart","Autumn","sky and sea" and " Hometwon" are some of his famous pieces, in which " Buddha in my heart" was bought for 100,000 USD by Jan Van art orginazation in an auction. His superior painting skills are exceptional and his artistic concepts are unique. His friends are surprised at his ability to express his thoughts into artistic form and thinks that his talent is a gift from the Pharaoh. The name Pharaoh Zhou emerged In 2003, Pharaoh Zhou was invited to draw a landscape piece for Chinese prime minister Li Chang Chun. Later that year, his secound most well-known painting" Autumn" was sold to Japaneses Hong Si art museum. In 2007 Pharaoh Zhou decided to stopped all his art work and took his wife to travel around the world. During this 6 years time frame,they went to more than 40 countries and loved how the world is shaped so diversely. After returning from the long trip, Pharaoh delved into his art work again. He wants to share his experience through his new art works, so he has created a limited collection for sale.