LELVA Kids Bedding Set Happy Smiling Face Printed Bedding Duvet Cover Set Boys and Gilrs Bedding Flat / Fitted Sheet Set Twin Full Queen King (Queen, Flat Sheet)

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LELVA committed to the design and production of a distinct sense of the times. The design of home products , rapid respinse, adaot to the changing consumer trends in fashion trends. Give us the traditional daily necessities of life by the most fashionable design language… Let love,fun,creative,fashion,hot,animation,implant design of household products show different home ideas. Bedding is people's life with the longest and most intimate items

The bedding is equipped with four tie! duvet cover has four corners, there is a tie on each corner.

Duvet Cover is designed as a removable cover ( features a hidden button or zipper closure )


First time wash without soaking. Direct machine wash, reverse side washing. Bleach-free detergent ingredients. Natural drying, avoid sun exposure.

1. Disable the detergent for bleach.

Bleach has a strong decontamination,but he has a bleaching function. Easily lead to the color of the printing products fade. 2. Wait for detergent to dissolve in water and then put bedding.

No machine washing or hand washing detergent, selected after the detergent to fully dissolve in water, then put the dirty quilt. This can fully absorb the dirty quilt cleaning detergent molecules, more conducive to clean the bedding.

3. Can't be long immersed in water.

A long soak in the water, not only for the color printing quilt hurt, while too long soaking will cause fabric expansion、deformation、shorten its service life.

4. Can not be long in the sun Exposure.

Prolonged exposure can also make the bed fade.

NOTE:Separately wash(deep light color kit be separate and wash)

When you purchase, please note that you buy the correct size! Note: This item has no comforter!!!

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