LEDwholesalers 16.4ft RGB Color Changing Kit with LED Flexible Strip,yellow PCB,Controller with 44-button Remote and Power Supply,2034RGB+3315+3215

Items Included * (1x) RGB LED strip with adhesive back * (1x) Controller and 44-button wireless IR remote * (1x) Power supply Wiring * Unroll LED strip completely. * Any exposed wires on the other end of the LED strip must not touch one another (or any metal object), creating a short. * Connect the 4-pin connector of controller to that of the LED strip, making sure that the arrows line up. * Connect 5mm DC jack of power supply to controller. * Remove the plastic seal in the battery compartment of the wireless remote. * Double check that all connections are correct and secure, then plug in power cord. Note * While the included controller can handle the power requirement of two such strips, the power supply only has the capacity to drive a single strip. * Do not lengthen the LED strip by directly connecting an additional section to it. * Extension kits are available for adding additional strips. * Test all components before permanent installation. * Make sure that wires at the other end of the LED strip are not touching one another (or any metal object), which would create a short circuit. Electrical tape may be used to wrap each of those wire ends to isolate them. * The LED strip is cuttable every 3 LEDs, approx. every 4", at the designated cut marks.