This watercolor painting is part of Chaucer's Moments of Insight series completed in 2012 and appears in the series catalog. The Moments of Insight series intends to create circumstances and opportunity for moments of insight to occur. These paintings function as meditations on the content of color and pattern. The value of abstraction is the prime objective of this work. Without direct subject matter as content this work provides a form of visual resonance through color and pattern as an opportunity for response, for a reassembly of thought, with which to engage with the work. Each composition in this series is a collection of intentional brush strokes that support this concept. The title of the series refers to the moment in time that precedes our formed opinions. By striving to evoke a moment of thought, realizations have an opportunity to emerge from within the viewer. A catalog of paintings from the Moments of Insight series was published in 2012 documenting the process of the work and includes an accompanying artist statement. At it's best, art is a conversation that puts things into a human perspective. The importance of abstract art is to engage in abstract thought, conversation, and in the end to contribute to life. The best way to do this is to live with art and have an ongoing relationship with concepts in the work. In the case of the Moments of Insight series, these concepts are color, composition, insight, and time.