[Holiday deals] Hand Painted Thanka Thangka, Green Tara (Blue Brocade 2)

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The Green Tara is regarded as the spiritual consort of Amogasiddhi, the Dhyani Buddha. In the Tibetan tradition,the Green Tara is incarnated in all good women. She is also believed to be the in historic persons of the Nepali and Chinese Princess who married the great king Srang-Tsan Gampo credited with the introduction of Buddhism to Tibet and China. Green Tara offers help to all those in need and leads them to the path of enlightenment through Karma. This is hand painted Thanka imported from Nepal. Decorate your home or office with colorful Thanka painting. This painting is framed in fine brocade. Generally, thankas last a very long time and retain much of their luster, but because of their delicate nature, they have to be kept in dry places. Size of this Thanka with frame is approximately 32in X 21in.