Grill Pan NEW Korpan 30cm No Odor & No Smoke Deep Pan, Square Design RED

NEW Korpan 30cm KORPAN reduces the inconvenience caused by smoke from the burning process, oil splashing to open windows for ventilation and spraying deodorant, lighting up aromatic vinegar to remove the smell, and cleaning duct hood. Principle of removal for odor and smoke: 1. It decomposes the odor and smoke by using a platium catalyst. (It used the principle of purifying the odor and smoke from the combusition gas of automobile through platinum catalyst exhaust port.) 2. It used "Bernoulli's principle" that makes the odor and smoke come out to the bottom and the odor and smoke burnt by gas fire. TWO technologies!!! Removing the odor and smoke. Features: Removes odors, smoke and benzene during cooking With less heat dissipation to the outside, cooking can be done rapidlly, and saves gas costs. It has a sealed – lid structure not to splash the oil to the outside. It cooks inside at a time, so you do not need to overturn in the middle. The fish to be baked is moist without drying out, and do not stick to the pan, so you can bake it without applying cooking oil. The internal therman cycle is good, so when you bake pizza, bread doesn't burn but it well baked up and down uniformly.