Globe String Light, 50 Feet, White Wire, 2 Inch Bulbs, Clear

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Use these gorgeous globe light strands for holidays, weddings and special events. The 50 foot length makes decorating easy and economical for exterior or interior decorative illumination. With 50 intermediate C9/E17 sockets spaced 12" apart, the white light glow from the incandescent bulbs makes them ideal for decorating lighter-colored structures such as home exteriors, outdoor tents for events and weddings, and businesses such as cafes, bistros and restaurants. Safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Bulb Type: Incandescent G50, E17 2" Glass Globe (Included and Replaceable) Light Count: 50 Lighted Length: 50 ft Bulb Spacing: 12 in Lead Length: 6 in Tail Length: 6 in Wire Color: White Plug Type: Standard End-to-End connectable: Yes, up to 2 strands Grade: Indoor / Outdoor Use Power (Strand): 130 Volt, 2.7 Amps, 350 Watts