FREAKS 1932 * TOD BROWNING * 27×41 ONE SHEET * CLASSIC HORROR * EXTREMELY RARE!! CAN A FULL GROWN WOMAN TRULY LOVE A MIDGET ? ONLY KNOWN EXAMPLE! A Metro – goldwyn – Mayer PICTURE This is the ONLY KNOWN Original Style-C 27×41 One Sheet for TOD BROWNING'S Classic 1932 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Horror film FREAKS starring Wallace Ford(Phroso), Leila Hyams(Venus), Olga Baclanova(Cleopatra), Roscoe Ates(Roscoe) , Henry Victor(Hercules), Harry Earles(Hans), Rose Dione(Madame Tetrallini), Daisy Hilton(Siamese Twin), Violet Hilton(Siamese Twin), Schlitze(Himself), Josephine Joseph(Half-Woman Half Man), Johnny Eck(Half Boy), Frances O'Connor(Armless Girl), Peter Robinson(Human Skeleton), Olga Roderick(Bearded Lady), Koo Koo(Herself), Prince Randian(The Living Torso), Martha Morris(Armless Girl), Elvira Snow(Pinhead as Zip), Jenny Lee Snow(Pinhead as Pip), Elizabeth Green(Bird Girl), Angelo Rossitto(Angeleno), Edward Brophy(Rollo Brother) and Matt McHugh(Rollo Brother)! Directed by the legendary TOD BROWNING!! This is a FANTASTIC HORROR ONE SHEET with SUPER BRIGHT VIVID COLORS and INCREDIBLE ARTWORK that is 83 YEARS OLD! THE POOR IMAGES SHOWN HERE DO NOT DO THIS INCREDIBLE POSTER JUSTICE!! FOR SOME REASON THIS POSTER IS VERY DIFFICULT TO PHOTOGRAPH. ACTUALLY, SOME OF THE UNAUTHORIZED AND STOLEN PUBLISHED IMAGES OF THIS POSTER LOOK MUCH BETTER THAN THE POOR IMAGES SHOWN HERE. THIS IS THE ONLY KNOWN EXAMPLE OF THIS SUPER RARE ONE SHEET! IN OVER 50 YEARS OF COLLECTING HORROR MATERIAL THIS IS THE ONLY STYLE-C ONE SHEET FROM THIS FILM THAT HAS EVER SURFACED! YOU CAN DIE WAITING FOR ANOTHER, WHICH MOST LIKELY DOESN'T EXIST! This poster is a collection all by itself! Poster is UNBACKED and UNRESTORED(currently shrinkwrapped). Check out the photos! Superb Movie Item! This is not a reproduction or reissue.PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS. THANK YOU! TODD FEIERTAG is a name that is synonymous with Vintage Movie Posters since he's been buying and selling them for over 50 years!!