Fluke Networks DTX-1800-MSO 120-GLD DTX-1800 Kit with DTX-MFM2 Multimode & DTX-SFM2 Single-mode Fiber Modules, & DTX-OTDR-QMOD Compact OTDR Module and 1 Yr. of Gold Support

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The Fluke Networks DTX-1800-MSO120/GLD DTX 1800 Copper/Fiber/OTDR kit with DTX-MFM2 multimode fiber and DTX-SFM2 single-mode fiber modules, DTX-OTDR-QMOD compact modules, and DTX-1800 cable analyzer performs Level IV accuracy tests of copper and fiber optic networks at speeds up to 10 gigabits and bandwidths up to 900MHz that comply with industry standards including TIA, ISO/IEC, EN, ANSI, and IEEE. The meter performs a Class F autotest in less than 25 seconds and a Category 6 autotest in less than 10 seconds. Testing includes shielded and unshielded twisted pair LAN cabling (STP, FTP, SSTP, and UTP), Category 6A/Class EA permanent link adapters, and Category 6/Class E channel adapters. The meter includes one main unit, one smart remote, one set of DTX-MFM2 multimode fiber modules, one set of DTX-SFM2 single-mode fiber modules, one set of DTX-OTDR-QMOD compact OTDR modules, and instructions for activating one year of Fluke Networks' Gold Support, which covers repairs, calibration, and technical support. The DTX module cavity accepts additional test modules as network testing needs and requirements change, including fiber, OTDR (optical time-domain reflectometer), network service, and alien crosstalk modules. The units support coaxial adapters, custom limits, and talk between operators at the main and remote units (headphones included). A wiremap test can be performed to verify that cables are installed correctly. The permanent link adapter provides repeatable accuracy and Category 5e, Category 6, and Category 6A interoperability. Certification tests are performed to TIA, ISO/IEC, EN, ANSI, and IEEE standards. The user-selected test standard automatically determines the test parameters and frequency range for the performed tests. Autotests can be started from the main or remote unit. The fiber autotest performs a dual-fiber, dual-wavelength certification test. The backlit, passive color, LCD display has a diagonal measurement of 3.7"/9.4cm and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels (W x H). Copper and fiber testers are used by network technicians to troubleshoot, maintain, and optimize performance of copper and fiber optic cabling, hardware connections, and network settings in enterprise networks.

The meter include one set of each of the following modules: DTX Series 2 Multimode Fiber Module (DTX-MFM2), Single-mode Fiber Module (DTX-SFM2), and DTX Compact OTDR Module (DTX-OTDR-QMOD). Modules plug into the back of the main meter and remote sensor to provide testing and documentation for network connectivity and cable certification. The DTX-MFM2 Multimode Module provides certification of multimode fiber network installations and is equipped with 850nm and 1,300nm LED light sources combined into a single output port and an 850/1,300/1,310/1,550nm optical power meter. The DTX-SFM2 Single-mode Module provides certification of single-mode fiber network installations and is equipped with 1,310nm and 1,550nm FP laser sources combined into a single output port and an 850/1,300/1,310/1,550nm optical power meter. The DTX-OTDR-QMOD Fiber Module provides Basic (Tier 1) and Extended (Tier 2) fiber certification. The module provides OTDR trace and event analysis to locate and evaluate reflective and loss events on multimode (850nm and 1,300nm; 50 micrometer, and 62.5 micrometer) and single-mode (1,310nm and 1,550nm; 9 micrometer) fiber. Pass/fail results are based on factory-installed or user-defined limits. Each module set has a built-in visual fault locator (VFL) that locates breaks, bad splices, and bends, and checks fiber continuity and polarity. The meter stores up to 250 sets of test results (graphical Category 6). The included removable 128MB multimedia card (MMC) stores up to 2,000 Category 6 graphical link test results. An autosave function ensures that test results are captured and saved. Results can be downloaded to a computer for long-term records retention, or imported to the LinkWare software for analysis and generation of certification reports to provide evidence that the installation has been completed according to standards and best practices (software and USB cable included).

SpecificationsStandard link interface adapters (shielded and unshielded twisted-pair LAN cabling)TIA Category 4, 5, 5E, 6 and 6A: 100Ω
ISO/IEC Class C and D: 100Ω and 120Ω
ISO/ IEC Class E, F and FA: 100Ω Category 6A/Class EA permanent link adapters
TIA Category 3, 4, 5, 5e, 6, 6A and ISO/IEC Class C, D, E and EA permanent link
Category 6A/Class EA channel adapters TIA Category 3, 4, 5, 5e, 6, 6A and ISO/IEC Class C, D, E and EA channelsSupported test parameters (selected standard automatically determines the test parameters and frequency range)Wire Map, Length, Propagation Delay, Delay Skew, DC Loop Resistance, Insertion Loss (attenuation), Return Loss (RL), RL @ Remote, NEXT, NEXT @ Remote, Attenuation-to-crosstalk Ratio (ACR-N), ACR-N @ Remote, ACR-F (ELFEXT), ACR-F @ Remote, Power Sum ACR-F (ELFEXT), PS ACR-F @ Remote, Power Sum NEXT, PS NEXT @ Remote, Power Sum ACR-N, PS ACR-N @ Remote, Power Sum Alien Near End Xtalk (PS ANEXT), and Power Sum Alien Attenuation Xtalk Ratio Far End (PS AACR-F)Autotest speedFull two-way autotest of Category 6 Twisted-Pair links in 9 seconds, full two-way autotest of Category 6A and ISO/IEC Class F links in 22 secondsTIA test standardsTIA Category 3, 5e, 6 & 6A per ANSI/TIA-568-C.2
TIA Category 5 (1000BASE-T) per TIA TSB-95
TIA Category 6 per TIA/EIA-568B.2-1
TIA TSB-155 (DTX-1800 only)ISO/IEC test standardsISO TR 24750
ISO/IEC 11801 Class C, D, and E, Ea & FEN, ANSI, and IEEE standardsEN 50173 Class C, D, E, EA & F
IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T
IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-TResults storage250 qualification test results (graphical Category 6)Data outputRemovable memory card and serial and USB interfaceAgency safety certifications and approvalsCSA C22.2 No. 1010.1: 1992 EN 61010-1 1st Edition Amendments 1, 2; EN 61326-1; Pollution Degree 2Power source (main and remote units)7.4V lithium-ion battery pack with 108VAC to 132VAC adapter/chargerWeight2.4lb./1.1kg, nominal (without adapter or module)Dimensions (main unit and remote)8.5 x 4.4 x 2.4 inches/21.6 x 11.2 x 6 cm (H x W x D)

H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.

A copper cable tester is a device for troubleshooting, inspecting, and certifying copper network cabling. Devices range from one-button tools for checking connectivity to complex tools for certifying network installations. Three types of testing include verification, to test whether a connection or cable is functioning correctly; qualification, to test a network's ability to support specific speeds and functionality; and certification, to verify whether a network installation meets industry standards. Cabling contractors, installers, and network technicians use copper cable testers to set up and maintain networks within a building or on a campus in corporate, academic, manufacturing, and other enterprise network environments.

Fluke Networks manufactures tools for network infrastructure installation, testing, certification, and troubleshooting, in copper, fiber, and wireless networks, with its tools widely used by contractors, enterprises, and communication service providers. The company, which operates globally, is based in Everett, WA.

What's in the Box?Fluke Networks DTX-1800 (main unit)Fluke Networks smart remote(1) DTX-MFM2 Multimode Fiber Module set(1) DTX-SFM2 Single-mode Fiber Module set(1) DTX-OTDR-QMOD Compact OTDR Module set(2) 62.5/125 SC-SC and 50/125 SC-SC duplex test reference cords(2) Red multimode fiber mandrels for 50 micrometer fiber with 3 mm jackets (NF-MANDREL-50)(2) Gray multimode fiber mandrels for 62.5 micrometer fiber with 3 mm jackets (NF-MANDREL-625)(2) Category 6A/Class EA permanent link adapters(2) Category 6A/Class E channel adapters(2) Headsets for talk(2) AC chargersLinkWare PC software CD128MB multimedia card (MMC)USB interface cable (Mini-B)RS-232 serial cable (IEEE 1394 to DB-9)Instructions for activating one year of Fluke Networks' Gold SupportCarrying caseInstructions