Demystifying Digital Marketing: a Business Owner’s Guide to Marketing Online in 2019

Today’s consumers are savvy. Easily bored. Capturing their attention and converting it into revenue is a challenge for many business owners. It requires a new understanding of how digital marketing works in 2018 and 2019. Demystifying Digital Marketing is step-by-step guide for effectively and efficiently reaching your online audience and increasing sales in this modern, Internet-driven era.

Today’s companies must learn how to engage with prospective customers online. Yesterday's marketing advice no longer applies to today's tech-savvy, mobile-first, social media-addicted consumer. Traditional sales and marketing strategies are becoming less and less relevant as today's consumers spend more time online. Demystifying Digital Marketing shows you where to find them, how to engage them, and how to position your company as the ideal solution to their needs.

Demystifying Digital Marketing provides a clear, practical guidance toward conquering online marketing. Regardless of whether your audience is B2C or B2B, this proven process will increase both the quantity and quality of leads and put your sales figures on the rise.