c. 1824, LAFAYETTE Inscribed PRESENTATION OFFICER”S SWORD and Original Scabbard

c 1824 "LAFAYETTE" Inscribed Presentation Sword c. 1824 Return and Tour of America Period, Highly Important "Lafayette" Inscribed Commemorative Presentation Officer"s Sword and Original Scabbard, Choice Very Fine. The single-edged blade retains over 85 percent of its original bluing, 28" curved blade, 33" overall length, with wonderfully detailed gilt etchings of flags, military regalia, and two dedications: "Honneur au Gal: Lafayette" and "Chartre u Liberte" on opposite sides. Handle with original leather grip and spiral-bound wire. Shiny brass pommel is of the Phyrygian helmet pattern decorated along its forward border with a laurel garland. The knucklebow bends below the blade in a simple arc. Midway along the blade a single branch bears off on the obverse side and joins the oval counterguard directly opposite the center of the blade. There are floral decorations at the juncture of the knucklebow and pommel, at the beginning and termination of the obverse branch and on the finial of the quillon. All metal parts of the hilt are gilded brass. The scabbard also has a gilded brass funneled throat, leather body, and gilded brass tip. This sword is finely detailed and retains almost all of its gilt etching, while the scabbard"s leather portions show moderate actual wear and the tip is somewhat loose. Overall, it is very presentable. It is likely that this special sword was prepared for presentation during Lafayette"s triumphant return and tour of America in 1824.