All-Ply Saucepan 3.0 QT

Engel-Riviere All-Ply cookware provides exceptional and functional design for the beginner and chef alike. The All-Ply construction of the Engel-Riviere cookware set features 5 layers of material that are All-Ply together to allow even heat distribution and effective temperature control. From production to your kitchen every step along the way ensures you receive the best possible product. With proper use and care, your Engel-Riviere All-Ply cookware will offer you a lifetime of satisfaction. Each of the five bonded layers serves a specific purpose, creating a noticeable difference in performance whether you're sauteing, frying, simmering or braising. 18/10 stainless-steel interior for foolproof browning and easy cleanup. Two aluminum layers, one to conduct and another to sustain heat. All-Ply copper core allows for the quickest heat-up time, maximum temperature control and rapid, even heat distribution. Magnetic stainless-steel exterior for durability, multi use purpose, induction cooking and dishwasher-safe ease. All-Ply line is 40% more efficient than its tri-ply predecessors, so you can use lower heat to achieve great results. Stay-cool hollow handles for balance, control and minimized heat transfer. Rims are shaped to allow for drip-less pouring. Extra-large loop handles are easy to grip, even with oven mitts.